The beauty of Canada is often overshadowed by extremely cold winters. This could turn off many visitors and probable migrants. However, it is quite unfair to judge the country by mere winter descriptions. There are beautiful places in Canada that are worth taking note of if you want to visit or live there for good.

If you are mulling over visiting or migrating in Canada, here are some of the places you may want to write down in your list:


  • Calgary is the biggest city found in Alberta located in between the Canadian Rockies foothills and Canadian Prairies.
  • The city expanded during the early 1900s when oil was discovered in the area. Ever since, Calgary has become a household name when talking about Canada.
  • As a visitor, you may want to plan your travel during the Old West festival held every July. The celebration includes rodeos, parades, chuckwagon races, crafts, food and competitions.
  • Given that it is one of the largest cities in Canada, there are also many opportunities here for migrants.


  • Ottawa is the capital of Canada. It is found in the convergence of rivers Rideau, Gatineau and Ottawa.
  • Just like any other country capital, Ottawa is the home of many institutions – financial, federal and commercial. Because of this, many may find employment in this area.
  • As a tourist, you may find the Parliament Hill a great attraction especially because they have the traditional changing of the guard, just like in the Buckingham Palace, during the summer.
  • In winter, the Rideau Canal becomes the biggest ice skating rink in the world.


  • Whistler is a spectacular mountain found in Canada. Found here is the biggest and most popular alpine ski resort in North America.
  • From Vancouver, you have to take a 2-hour trip before reaching this beautiful place in Canada. If you think a couple of hours of travel is boring, think again. The view to Whistler is scenic you won’t even be able to close your eyes even for a second.
  • For accommodations, there are three villages at the foot of the mountain, Whistler, Upper and Creek Villages.


  • Canada is a big country, so are the places you find in it, Vancouver Island included. It is the biggest island found in the west coast of North America.
  • You can travel to the tourist attraction through ferry from Vancouver.
  • The main attractions of the island are the picturesque Victoria City, Tofino Surf Town, and the stunning Butchart Gardens.


  • Quebec City is known for being the capital of the Quebec province.
  • What is most notable about this city is the French heritage strewn all over the city. This is evident in the Quebec’s architecture and language.
  • Villages in Quebec City are reminiscent of the European country’s countryside sitting atop a hill overlooking the river of St. Lawrence.
  • An attraction not to be missed is the Chateau Frontenac, a hotel dubbed as the most photographed.
  • Many migrants are working in the city as well so if you are looking to find a job in the city, it may not be that difficult to secure one.

The list above details only some of the most beautiful places in Canada. There are more to explore in the country like Toronto, Montreal, Niagara Falls and Banff National Park.